InstruSol forte

InstruSol forte is a surface-active liquid cleaning concentrate for the gentle reprocessing of medical instruments and laboratory objects. Anionic surfactants effectively remove organic contaminants like blood, protein secretions, and grease, but especially non-organic contaminants like contrast agents and biofilms, from the instruments.

InstruZymWipe available

InstruZym is a liquid cleaning concentrate based on 4 enzymes for the material friendly and residue-free preparation of medical instruments, especially of flexible and rigid endoscopes, endoscope accessories, as well as surgical and orthopedic instruments. Highly active enzymes in combination with powerful surfactants eliminate deposits of blood, secreted detritus, tissue remnants and fats.

Labomat E

Labomat E is an enzymatic cleaner for the chemical thermal spreading of medical instruments in RDG-E instruments with water temperatures of 35° C-45° C.

Labomat KS

Labomat KS is a material friendly, phosphate- and surfactant-free neutraliser for the mechanical reprocessing of medical instruments and laboratory equipment.

Labomat MA liquid

Labomat MA liquid is an alkaline cleaner for the automatic reprocessing of surgical, medical and dental instruments as well as anesthesia accessories, surgical shoes and laboratory glasses. Labomat MA liquid is available in 2 pH variants - as mild alkaline pH 10 and pH 13 to meet the requirements of the RKI recommendation

Labomat SPM

Labomat SPM is an enzymatic neutral cleaner for the automated reprocessing of all surgical instruments and anesthesia accessories made of stainless steel, instrument steel, light metals, glass and common plastics.


In the area of surface disinfection, we offer both medical and biocidal products. We can provide you with just the right compound for any application. We will be happy to advise you on our range of products.


In the fields of both nursing and medicine, you are on the safe side with DrDeppe. Since 1998, we have been authorised to manufacture medical products in the risk categories I, IIa and IIb.

Hands & Skin

Our compounds and personal care products for skin and hands are the result of almost 40 years of experience and the constant advancement of our specialised knowledge. DrDeppe protects what matters most to you and your customers.