Suitable for effective disinfection of dental suction systems with and without amalgam cutter.


At least daily after the end of the working day, aspirate a 2% application solution per suction point through the hoses to be disinfected. (980ml water + 20ml InstruSuc). For preference use warm water, up to maximum of 40° C. The exposure time should be at least 15 minutes. It is better to start disinfectant at the end of the working day, so that it works over night. Only for professional use.

  • Product Properties
  • economical concentrate
  • aldehyde
  • bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal and virus-inactivating
  • excellent material compatibility
  • non-foaming
  • active substance per 100g:
  • Dioctyldimethylammoniumchlorid7,5 g
  • Classification
  • Medical device IIb
  • Shelf life
  • 36 months
  • Application tools
  • Canister pump for dosing, canister tap, canister key
  • Packagings
  • 2L, 5L
  • 2L5L


Before using InstruSuc, we recommend rinsing the extraction systems with clean drinking water. Do not mix InstruSuc with other cleaning products.

Further information

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